Thursday, July 11, 2013

La Quinceañera

In 24 hours, my family and I will be somewhere in Chicago preparing for my cousin's Quinceañera.

 Feliz quince Frances!

Dear Fashionistas,

No Worries. Parties like these tend to worry people about what to wear. This type of party is straightforward: 

Don't outshine the birthday girl and wear an outfit you can dance in. 

Boys, suit, tie, and dress pants. If you're close to the birthday girl, congratulations, they might have you wear something special or a certain color to have you stand for the dance when you have to dance with her. My dad and brother have to wear red ties. 
Girls, dresses. My opinion, preferably short, it's gonna be a fun night. But long dresses are just as acceptable.  Above the knees, for short dresses, but not exceedingly so. And if you're a truly party family you're gonna be dancing all night long. If you're the die hard Latina, go with the high heels, you won't be the only one. High heels will probably be the majority choice of footwear. 


  • high heels for girls, dress shoes for guys
  • if you don't feel like wearing high heels, ladies, anything dressy is good...flats, sandals, pumps
  • comfortable, from all my family parties I remember, Hispanic parties involve dancing all night long. And taking off your shoes isn't as normal as during a high school homecoming dance party.

  • nothing too flashy, you're not going to be the center of attention
  • my cousin is super cool and is having her party be a masquerade, mask on!
  • necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, hair clips
  • match your dress

  • long
  • short
  • comfortable

  • dress shirt (with ties for the guys)

  • dress pants
  • skirts

  • Show lots of hair, the Latina spice includes showing off the fiery look
  • No elegant hairstyles except for the birthday girl, you wanna have fun with her, not outdo her

*Presents is a must, like any birthday party
**This party celebrates a girl's transition to womanhood, the father's going to be emotional=be sure to show plenty of respect to him
***I text my cousin yesterday about what colors her dress is, that way, I could try to choose a dress completely different from hers and makes her feel unique and special with her lovely dress

PROMISE::: I will have pictures from the party to post up on the blog afterwards

My opinion...I was talking to my boyfriend about this and this Quinceañera along with Sweet Sixteens are a bit sexist. But as long as we're keeping with tradition, us girls can take a bit advantage of these awesome opportunities to dress up !

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