Thursday, July 11, 2013

La Quinceañera

In 24 hours, my family and I will be somewhere in Chicago preparing for my cousin's Quinceañera.

 Feliz quince Frances!

Dear Fashionistas,

No Worries. Parties like these tend to worry people about what to wear. This type of party is straightforward: 

Don't outshine the birthday girl and wear an outfit you can dance in. 

Boys, suit, tie, and dress pants. If you're close to the birthday girl, congratulations, they might have you wear something special or a certain color to have you stand for the dance when you have to dance with her. My dad and brother have to wear red ties. 
Girls, dresses. My opinion, preferably short, it's gonna be a fun night. But long dresses are just as acceptable.  Above the knees, for short dresses, but not exceedingly so. And if you're a truly party family you're gonna be dancing all night long. If you're the die hard Latina, go with the high heels, you won't be the only one. High heels will probably be the majority choice of footwear. 


  • high heels for girls, dress shoes for guys
  • if you don't feel like wearing high heels, ladies, anything dressy is good...flats, sandals, pumps
  • comfortable, from all my family parties I remember, Hispanic parties involve dancing all night long. And taking off your shoes isn't as normal as during a high school homecoming dance party.

  • nothing too flashy, you're not going to be the center of attention
  • my cousin is super cool and is having her party be a masquerade, mask on!
  • necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, hair clips
  • match your dress

  • long
  • short
  • comfortable

  • dress shirt (with ties for the guys)

  • dress pants
  • skirts

  • Show lots of hair, the Latina spice includes showing off the fiery look
  • No elegant hairstyles except for the birthday girl, you wanna have fun with her, not outdo her

*Presents is a must, like any birthday party
**This party celebrates a girl's transition to womanhood, the father's going to be emotional=be sure to show plenty of respect to him
***I text my cousin yesterday about what colors her dress is, that way, I could try to choose a dress completely different from hers and makes her feel unique and special with her lovely dress

PROMISE::: I will have pictures from the party to post up on the blog afterwards

My opinion...I was talking to my boyfriend about this and this Quinceañera along with Sweet Sixteens are a bit sexist. But as long as we're keeping with tradition, us girls can take a bit advantage of these awesome opportunities to dress up !

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Good voice, good looks, good attitude. And the best personality I've ever met in a person. Here's to Kala Grae. Future art teacher, possible math teacher.

More photos to come in the future.

Home Alone Too

Watching Home Alone 2 with my Grandma. She's wearing a bright pink blouse with white dress pants. She is super stylish and always tries to wear bright colors, teaching me the importance of standing out with my clothes. 

Yesterday's fashion research did not go as planned. There was not any opportunity to take pictures of all the THREE beautiful ladies that filled the party. And my own fashion sense did not go as planned. I ended up having three different OOTDs. And this one at the bottom was only my 2nd outfit.
I had a black and white pinstriped tight business pants from Dots underneath for the church's cold atmosphere and for my urge to not wear just a dress. My 3rd outfit was with the same pants except with a white button down half-sleeved. 

On the upside, I've kept up my research on busking. Here's a video of what I want to see if I get to go to London:

And if possible, I would love to do some busking myself. If allowed, I would find a cello and jam with my good friend Kala Grae and her amazing singing voice.

Fashion insider of the day?  don't change up your wardrobe just cuz you realize it's not in style. Change up your own clothes. Cut up some jeans. There are tons of DIY videos. 

On my goals for the summer. I had breakfast today. Have not gotten to yoga just yet but the day's not over. I made the effort to dress up though. Not much, I'm wearing some plain blue jean shorts with a plain white tee. But it's still something, HAHA.


Comment your style below!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ping 1 and pong 2

Started the day with yoga and breakfast, and I just finished playing ping pong with my dad. Now I'm off to finding my outfit of the day (ootd). As mentioned in my previous blog, I am so used to wearing PJs at home when I have no plans for the day. So, cheers to this new routine. Hopefully I'll continue with it. For the longest time, I had no idea what ootd meant. Now i do. Another new term I learned yesterday night...or early this morning:
busk  (bsk)
intr.v.busked, busk·ing, busks
To play music or perform entertainment in a public place, usually while soliciting money.

I'm keeping up with my London street music research and found a really cool site: It's really cool, I recommend watching the video on Bob the Cat.

Fashion Goal #3.
What do you wear when you have nothing planned for the day. No interview. No party. No church service. Well, I guess that's halfway true for me. My sister's boyfriend is having his birthday party and baptism today. Think, outfit, but also birthday party outfit. I'm not into skirts. It's too hot for jeans. But it's cold inside the church. But i can manage one hour of freezing temperatures. No short shorts. No beach clothes. I can only think of one thing to do. Google....and there are many more scenarios like this that I had not expected. I literally typed 'birthday party church outfit' on the search bar. Therefore, dress sounds like a winner. Now think, conservative dress. We're going to church here, guys. Let me get dressed.
With brown shorts and a blue, loose top. With...let me long, high tops. I'll take a picture in a bit. The good thing about this day's events and sense of fashion...I will be able to take pictures of people with good fashion sense without being looked at weird. Pictures for the party, right?

Welp, that's me. Not much. But hopefully I'll see some really cool outfits to take pictures of for this blog. Oh! Btw, the shirt I'm wearing on the left, it's my friend Devon Kondaki's storybook character, called Winzlow. Check it out: And, comment on what you would wear to a church baptism birthday party. Blog to you later!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer 2013

A time for interviews, warm weather, and preparation for the upcoming fall. Wishing it was as carefree as all the photos make summer seem like. Reality proves life to show that summer love is distant, night outs are rare, and procrastination is the biggest problem when a person does not have a job. I'm an 19 year old college student waiting for summer to pass just so that I'll have something to do and be proud of. 
Memories to make? Only if your friends live in the same city as you. Job? Only if you've had good work experience or are thinking of working even after summer. College books? Most people wait to the last few weeks of summer to buy them but I unfortunately or fortunately have a super annoying dad who wants me to read the books ahead of time, therefore I have to buy them as soon as summer starts. 
So what is there to look forward to during the summer? Making something out of yourself that you do not have time for during the school year. Go on from project to project and make sure to keep up with a daily routine as well. Here are my goals for the summer.


There's this opportunity for myself and one of my closest friends to obtain a grant that would pay for us to travel to anyplace. My research topic: street music. My friend's: street art. And we're thinking of going to London, England. So what I have to do is write a paper. I have no idea what the parameters are on this paper but I'm guessing I have to show how my interest in street music will help myself and my college. How my ability to travel to London, England will provide a great opportunity to learn about street music and its effect.


Yoga. Every morning.


Take pictures and more pictures of this summer's fashion. I've had some learning to do on how to write a proper blog. But my main wish is that I keep up with it. At least, AT LEAST once a week. What I'm going to do is find any and all types of fashion this summer is looking for. Or rather, what I'm looking for out of this summer. Interview outfits, beach clothes. I want to make every day an experience and I want to make a habit of dressing up every morning. Because that, is my biggest weakness. My laziness. Oh! I'm not going out anywhere today? Well then, I guess I'll just stick with my PJs....Fashion. 


Read the Bible. I have questions about the Bible, I have to accept it that I might even be having doubts about what kind of God God really is. Could there be multiple? ...I'm getting ahead of myself. The point is, I cannot just sit back and be like I have questions, and complain. I have to go try my best to find answers.


Have breakfast every day.


Hang out with around one different friend every week. I'm bored many times. But I don't put the effort to go see my friends. So there's work at the house, my parents went on fine just without me when I was in college. I'll help out more by going out of the house rather than having nasty feelings for them.


Find a job. My dad's content with the 3 jobs I'll be having when I'm back in college....finally. But I also want to do something for myself. I got an email back from an application I sent in to work at a fireworks stand. And it's only for a short time. I'll just have a little problem with being security at night because my dad wouldn't want me working there by myself. So, I've recruited my brother. He's busy all the time already but he's agreed to be security with me.


Get presents ready for the upcoming fall for my boyfriend, my two best college friends, and my soul friend. They all have winter birthdays. Time to be creative. GO.

  • swim
  • tan
  • shop
  • clean
  • chill
  • all the time.

Comment on what your goals are for this summer of 2013.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Awesome college comrade and ballroom club colleague, Jacob. Never-ending good taste. Loving the multi-color!

New earring, new look.


This is my good friend, Yana. She is AMAZEBALLS! (lol, one of her favorite words) Definitely the top person in my college who doesn't have to try to look good.




The heels did hurt; beauty is pain. 


And to add to her profile, here are some more photographs.